Centre for Iconographic Studies

Centre for Iconographic Studies was founded in January 2010 as an academic centre at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka. The Centre's main activities are:
  1. establishing academic team and committee for the organisation of iconographic studies
  2. organising the annual international conference of iconographic studies
  3. publishing: IKON – Journal of Iconographic Studies, monographs, studies, databases and other publications, e-publishing.
  4. organising seminars, workshops, round tables, panels, lectures
  5. launching projects with particular focus on international cooperation and networking
  6. organising summer courses, workshops and other forms of lifelong education
  7. establishing the platform of academics and researchers in Croatia (promoting iconographic studies nationally) and establishing connections with international institutions and individuals (presenting Croatian academics and projects internationally)
  8. promoting young scholars and students

IKON is a journal published annually by the Centre of Iconographic Studies, as proceedings of the papers presented at the annual international conference of iconographic studies.

IKON is indexed in SCOPUS base and Norwegian Social Science Data Services, as well as other international bibliographic art history databases (Princeton University, Getty Foundation, Harvard, Cornell, Yale etc.).

Director: Prof. dr. sc. Marina Vicelja-Matijašić,  e-mail: mvicelja@ffri.hr
Technical associate: Antonia Žurga
Research associates:
doc. dr. sc. Danko Dujmović, e-mail: ddujmovic@ffri.hr
dr. sc. Nikolina Belošević, e-mail: nikolina.belosevic@ffri.uniri.hr
Petra Predoević Zadković, doktorandica, e-mail: walkthisway404@yahoo.com
phone: +385 (0)51 265 776
e-mail: cis@ffri.hr
 051 265 776,

All information about the Centre for Iconographic Studies and its activities can be found on its official website: http://ikon.ffri.hr



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