Registration and Membership

Users need to register to become a member of the Library at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka. Anyone who is a student or employee at the University of Rijeka can be a member, as can former students and retired employees, and other people who want to use the materials from the library’s collection. Registering to be a member of the library is free of charge, and borrower rights and obligations are regulated by the borrowing regulations. 

Students can register to be members of the library by submitting a completed registration form and presenting their student SmartX card (card), and employees can register by presenting their employee card. Non-staff and non-students need to present their identity card and fill in the registration form. 

The registration form can be downloaded using the links below. A completed and signed registration form needs to be sent to the following e-mail address or brought to the library in person. Registration is formally completed by coming to the library in person with the registration form and the required documents (as mentioned above). Students use their student cards (SmartX card) as their membership cards, and for other members, a membership card is made in the library. 

You can download the registration form here

You can download the application form in English here

ONLINE REGISTRATION – via the application. To be able to register online, you need a SmartX card and your AAI identity information. You can access the application on the following link. The SmartX card is also the membership card, which enables borrowing items from the library.  

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