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Dear colleagues,
we are posting a warning regarding the safety of all students who consume drinks that can be found in the machines in the facilities on the Campus and also at the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences in Rijeka.

Considering the information that has appeared in the media in the past few days about individual cases of injuries to consumers of certain drinks that can be found in the offer in machines in facilities on the Campus, I would like to inform you that we have contacted the service provider to request that they further increase precautions and ensure the safety of employees and students using their devices.
Given that the extent and cause of the situation has not yet been determined, I believe that we will all monitor further developments together using common sense in the coming days about choosing what we will consume. Please send the information to the employees and students of your Faculty so that they are familiar with the relevant information on the basis of which they can independently make appropriate personal decisions.

Kind regards,
Gordan Đurović, M. Sc.
Head of the University Campus

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