Gostujuće predavanje: Dr. Daniel Hoek, „The trouble with belief fragmentation, or why you can’t steer by an atlas“



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Pozivamo vas na gostujuće predavanje u organizaciji Katedre za kognitivne znanosti i Centra za istraživanje uma i ponašanja.

Dr. Daniel Hoek (Department of Philosophy, Virginia Tech, USA) održat će predavanje „The trouble of belief fragmentation, or why you can’t steer by an atlas“ 1. lipnja 2023. godine s početkom u 13,15 sati u prostoriji F-405.

Predavanje je na engleskom jeziku.

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Sažetak: According to fragmentation theories of belief, agents have a multiplicity of independent, compartmentalized belief states. In this paper, I raise a challenge to this increasingly popular view, arguing that the explanatory benefits of fragmentation come at the cost of abandoning some of the central explanatory roles of a theory of belief. This is not a price worth paying. Adequately addressing these challenges, I suggest, requires a return to a holistic understanding of belief. But the good news is that we can do so without relinquishing the goals that motivated the push to fragmentation in the first place, and in a way that preserves central insights from fragmentation theory.

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