Workshop: Conceptual and Social Networks for Movements of People across the Mediterranean Basin


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Conceptual and Social Networks for Movements of People across the Mediterranean Basin

Digital Methods and Application of Computational Tools and for Modelling, Analysis and Representation of Migration Phenomena

April 14, 2023

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (F-201)

University of Rijeka

The workshop is aimed at scholars and researchers who are interested in the application of digital humanities to  migration studies and history in general, as well as those who are interested in the use of computational tools and methods to analyze and represent historical ​phenomena. The workshop is open to participants from academia, industry, and the public sector.

We look forward to your participation in this exciting and innovative workshop, which will bring together experts from a variety of fields to explore the potential of digital methods and computational tools in the study of migration.

PIMo Workshop Programme


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences ( F-201, )

9:30 AM – Welcome and Introduction

Giovanni Tarantino and Benedikt Perak 

Brief overview of the workshop’s aim and focus

Introduction of the first session

10:10 – Chair: Benedikt Perak

Martin Grandjean

Historical Network Analysis:  an Invaluable Component of the Historian’s Toolbox 

11:00 – Break (5 minutes)

11:05 – Chair: Giovanni Tarantino

Benedikt Perak

From Language to Insights: Leveraging Large Language Models and Semantic Technology to Analyze Historical Networks

11:55 – Break (5 minutes)

12:00 –  Chair: Graziani Gentili  

Cindarella Petz

Network Models and Computational History. Analysing a Linked Open Data network 

12:50 – Lunch Break (80 minutes)

14:30 – Short Talks Chair: Benedikt Perak

Vlatka Lemić – 

Access and visibility of historical data in digital world: ICARUS and TMO experience in building GLAM digital platforms 

Koraljka Kuzman Šlogar –

Challenges and Opportunities beyond the Cost Action Project: Continuing Collaboration through DARIAH-EU Working Groups

Dino Pitoski –  –

Analysing complex network patterns of human migration at different geographical scales

15:20 – Break (5 minutes)

15:25 – Chair: Luisa Simmonuti

Vanni D’Alessio

Representing overlapping layers of historical narratives in a contested city: a digital map and an app on Rijeka/Fiume

16:15 – Break (5 minutes)

16:20 – Session 6 (Round table)

Participants + QA Audience 17:10 – Closing Remarks

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