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The Wirth Institute is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for five Doctoral Research Fellowship Awards!

Students currently enrolled in doctoral programs in any field in Fine and Performing Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences in universities in Austria*, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, or Poland and holding citizenship in those countries are invited to join the group of Wirth Fellows in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta.

*Note: Applicants interested in the Austrian Doctoral Researcher Fellowship do not require Austrian citizenship to apply but prospective candidates must be currently enrolled at an Austrian university or studying at one of the member universities of the Austrian Centres network outside of Austria.

Since 1998, Central European doctoral students have travelled to Edmonton for year-long research stays as part of the various fellowship programs sponsored by the Institute. Participants can take advantage of the resources of one of Canada’s largest research libraries and benefit from the intellectual community of one of the country’s leading research universities.

Note that the deadline for receipt of applications for fellowships starting 1 October, 2023 is 10 MAY, 2023.

Don’t miss out on this unique scholarship opportunity!

For more information on application procedures, click here:

For more information about the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta, click here:

Good luck with your applications, all the best,
Petra Sapun Kurtin 
Wirth Alumni Network

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