‘Thou Art Translated! – Challenges in Translating Classics’ – 2023 Literary Translation Workshop 1

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the first Literary Translation Workshop in 2023, which will focus on the challenges of translating Croatian classics into English.

Our guest lecturers will be Professor Emerita Wendy Bracewell (School for Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, UK), who will be discussing the challenges of translating early modern Croatian poetry, such as Hanibal Lucić’s ‘Jur nijedna na svit vila’. She will be joined by Filip Krenus, translator, actor, and theatre producer (Honey-Tongued Productions, London) who will be talking about his work on Marin Držić’s Novela od Stanca, which he translated for performance in Englishas Old Stan, or, A Fool Fooled.  The workshop will take place in hybrid format as part of the 1st year MA course ‘Language and Culture’ in the English Studies Module of the MA in Translation Studies. Other interested Translation Studies students should e-mail the organizer, Antonija Primorac (antonija.primorac@uniri.hr), by Tuesday, the 7th of March, in order to book their place in advance and get the reading package.

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